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Month: January 2020

Teenage Pregnancy: Keeping The Baby

January 31, 2020 • Kelly Montgomery

The issue of teenage pregnancy is something that people need to be serious of. Unfortunately, there are still many areas all over the world wherein sex education is not provided to the teenagers. Some countries are still conservation, which is why the topics about sex are considered taboo in an educational institution. The effect of this is that many young individuals fail to take into consideration the consequences when they engage in unprotected sex.



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What It Is Like To Date A Drug Addict

January 24, 2020 • Kelly Montgomery

Nowadays, there are already many changes in the dating world. The truth is that a lot of things have changed over the past few years. Because of these, it becomes more complicated for many people to get to know one another or to bring the relationship to the next level. One of the issues that usually come up in the dating cycle is realizing that you had a wrong first impression of the other person. A great example of this is meeting someone you like who, unfortunately, is a drug addict.


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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Addiction

January 10, 2020 • Kelly Montgomery

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to be used for addiction is one of many treatments you can look into. Let’s learn more about the treatment here in this article.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Understanding How Addiction Affects Individuals And Finding Ways To Treat It

The availability of drugs, narcotics, cigarettes, and alcohol all over the world has made it easier for many individuals to suffer from substance addiciton. When a person becomes dependent on certain substances or items, it becomes difficult on his part to quit vices. However, this does not indicate that it is not possible at all. With proper guidance and assistance from counselors, individuals may recover through Addition Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

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Teenage Pregnancy And Psychiatry

January 3, 2020 • Kelly Montgomery

One of the worst things that you may encounter in this life is to find out that your teenage daughter is pregnant. Once you discover about this, your heart will inevitably break. This is only normal, especially when you want nothing else but the best for your child. However, focusing on the problem will only make the recovery process more difficult on your part. As such, the right thing to do is to accept the situation and deal with it, as any mature individual would do. 


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