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Month: July 2020

Stress And Anxiety In Handling An Unhealthy Family Relationship

July 20, 2020 • Kelly Montgomery

Sometimes, it is not easy to become part of an unhealthy relationship within the family. There are these moments that can make you feel mentally and emotionally unstable. There are these times when you have to ensure and prove to yourself that you will give your best no matter what. And that means you are not allowed to fail, especially when everyone is counting on you. But what if your coping mechanisms are more damaging than helpful? What if your way of caring for yourself can cause extreme damage to other people’s emotional and mental states? Would you rather put yourself and your family’s overall health at stake only to get away with your stress and anxiety? Let’s talk about that.


Unhealthy Relationship

An unhealthy family relationship has something to do with being in a state of stress and anxiety. Sometimes, you get so fed up with your family that you somehow wish you are not part of them. Sometimes you fail to convince yourself that it is okay since that is family. As a result, you make decisions that are not entirely helpful for you and your family relationship. Some of these are the following:

You Always Keep Yourself Busy So You Won’t Have To Spend Time With Your Family

It is like telling yourself that the more you work on other stuff, the more you can avoid dealing with your family’s stressful issues. It is an action that puts you in a safe position at some point. However, its drawbacks when you and your family start to experience the gap of the relationship. Sooner or later, you will come to an end where you can’t find enough reason to care for them anymore, one where even a meaningful conversation won’t change a thing.


You Isolate Yourself So You Will Not Have To Deal With Your Dysfunctional Family

It could be a great excuse to isolate yourself from the people around you who you thought can be toxic. It gives you time to think about everything that has been going on with your life and relationship. However, isolation is dangerous because it tends to stay permanent. There is a possibility that when you are emotionally and mentally unstable, you will get stuck on it.

You Do Not Trust Any Members Of Your Family Because You Think They Do The Same

An unhealthy relationship between family members often starts when someone doubts. You put a blame card onto someone so she or he can become accountable for negative things that are happening around you. You believe that it is okay to do that because your family also thinks of you that way. There is this mentality that because they do not trust you, you should not trust them either. As a result, you grow apart from each other. Over time, it gets worst as you tend to ignore them.


You Talk Bad Things About Your Family Behind Their Back

Because you want to keep your sanity, there are moments when you encourage yourself that your family relationship has nothing to do with you. In some cases, you put all the blame on them to keep a clean slate. But to convince others, you need to come up with something that other people will agree with you. That is when you begin to talk about bad things about your family behind their back. Unfortunately, it is common for some individuals who suffer from toxic family’s stress and anxiety.

You Never Reach Out To Your Family Even If You Had The Chance

One of the worst things that can describe an unhealthy family is a lack of communication. However, it contains a lot of factors before one can consider it a cause. Sometimes, due to all the unwanted stress and anxiety, you would instead choose not to reach out to family members. You somehow feel that things will never change even if you exert an effort to fix things between you and your family.


You Cut Ties With Your Family Permanently Without Explaining Your Reasons

When dealing with a stressful family, you get used to the advice of throwing them out of your life. Perhaps in some instances, you find it simple and easy to do. However, it is not fair that you leave your family out of your life just because they cause you stress and anxiety. Yes, there will be bad times in the relationship, and that is normal. But if you choose to let go of them just because you feel like it, then you are unreasonable. If you entirely want to execute that decision, ensure that you provide a valid reason.

Remember, every individual deals with their family stress differently. These may work to some, but it does not guarantee to be useful for others. So when dealing with your family, always remember to be considerate, compassionate, and understanding all the time.


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