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Help A Partner Get Over Substance Abuse

December 27, 2019 • Kelly Montgomery

Many kinds of challenges may come in every marriage. Some of these obstacles are just small, which is why they can be resolved almost instantaneously. On the other hand, some issues are too significant in that they require immediate attention as well as the constant effort from both spouses. One of these serious issues in a marriage is finding out that your spouse has been doing too much. Of course, you want to help him get over this negative situation in life. The question now is: How can you make it happen? 



In this article, allow us to list down and discuss some of the tips and tricks on how you can help your husband forget about his substance abuse: 


Show Your Support 

“[C]ontrary to the popular myth that ‘you can’t help an alcoholic until he wants help,’ families and partners are now being encouraged to do what they can to help their partner reach out for help,” writes Beverly Engel L.M.F.T.

Now is the time when your partner needs you the most. The greatest thing that you can do is to let him know that you will always be by his side no matter what happens. Make an effort to show him that you support all his decisions in life. As much as possible, avoid fighting and arguing with him during his time of withdrawal from the prohibited substance. 

Understand The Addiction 




To fully support and help your husband deal with his problem, the right thing to do is to read more about the addiction. Once you have sufficient knowledge about substance abuse, it will be easier on your part to detect whether or not your husband is serious in his road to recovery.  

 “People change when they want it badly enough and when they feel strong enough to face the challenge, not when they’re humiliated or coerced,” writes Stanton Peele Ph.D.

Put Yourself First 

One of the common mistakes that women do is that they give everything to their family, up to the extent that there is no longer anything left for them. Be smart enough to avoid this from happening. Instead, take good care of yourself first so that you can also have more energy to love and care for the family.  


Be More Patient 

 The road to getting over substance abuse is not an easy one to take. As such, do not rush your partner in recovering right away. Give him more time to understand what is going on with his life.  Let him find the light to his full recovery. Stop being too nervous about what might happen in the future. Learn how to trust the process and that everything is going to be okay. 

 “Keep your hopes up, as substance use disorder is known as a ‘good prognosis disorder’ in that the majority of people can and do recover,” writes John F. Kelly Ph.D., ABPP

Ask For Help 

There are some issues, matters, and problems that could no longer be solved by your husband or you. When this happens, the best alternative solution is to seek the help of a professional counselor. Be sure to let your husband make the final decision as to the kind of therapist or counselor he will hire as well as the types of sessions he wants to avail.  



 Help your husband gain peace of mind by doing all the tips and tricks presented above. Encouraging your spouse to stop his evil habits will be challenging at first. You may think that the situation is already helpless. However, once you begin to comprehend how the process works, everything will become more comfortable.   


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