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Online Therapy 101 : Signs Need Online Therapy

November 15, 2019 • Kelly Montgomery

The latest in the field of mental health is online therapy, which is also commonly known as e-counseling or teletherapy. From the name itself, it can be implied that this method of dealing with mental illness uses the latest advancements in technology. The online therapist and patient or client need to meet in a virtual environment. All sessions are made online through the use of instant messages, electronic mails, and online conference or real-time chat exchanges.

A man researching how to get online therapy


Online Therapy

Now that you are already well aware of the latest form of therapy available to different individuals, the next question now is when do you know if you need to get one? Are there signs that will indicate whether or not online therapy is something you need to avail of? Check the list below for the things to look out for about online therapy.

Depression Online Therapy

  1. You Are Constantly Sad

Feeling sadness and exhaustion are only normal, especially if you encounter too much stress at work or in your personal life. However, if you experience these negative emotions on a regular basis, then maybe it is about time to look for a professional therapist who could help you deal with it.

Online Therapy Decreases Depression And Sadness

“Depression is an abnormal emotional state, a mental illness that affects our thinking, emotions, perceptions, and behaviors in pervasive and chronic ways. When we’re depressed we feel sad about everything,” writes Guy Winch Ph.D.

Take note that the only way to start feeling better is to seek help and assistance from the experts.

  1. You Are Unsure Of Everything
various signs and symptoms that may prompt a person to receive online therapy


Not knowing what to do with your life is not necessarily depression. There are just times when you will get stuck with nowhere else to go. “The imposter syndrome is the inability to accept and claim accomplishments no matter what level of success, even with hard-won achievements because there is an irrational fear that you don’t deserve the success or maybe you are just a fraud,” writes Karyl McBride Ph.D.

It Encourages Relaxation And Peace Of Mind

When this happens, the best option that you need to do is to take a break from the things that are keeping you busy. Learn to give yourself a chance to relax. If all these will not work, then getting an online therapist may be the perfect solution. A professional therapist can help you process all the doubts and fears you have in your mind.

Trauma Online Therapy

  1. You Had A Traumatic Experience

“Trauma isn’t neat and tidy—it doesn’t arrive neatly packaged and tied up with a bow. Instead, it’s bewildering and chaotic. We may want to talk about it, but we don’t know what to say or how to say it,” writes Ellen Hendriksen, Ph.D.

Did you encounter a heart-breaking moment recently? Are you having difficulty in moving on? Always remember that having a traumatic experience is extra challenging. There is a necessity for someone to look after your condition. You do not need to deal with this problem on your own. Learn how to seek the advice of a professional therapist. Fortunately, you now have the option to go for e-counseling or online therapy.

  1. You Are Hurting Others
A couple discussing relationship issues, a frequent reason why people would go to online therapy. Talking to a professional through online therapy could clear a lot of things between a couple.


Seeking An Online Therapy Session

The saddest part about experiencing depression, extreme sadness, trauma, and other mental health illnesses is that you tend to hurt others without knowing that you already did it. Look at the individuals around you and examine how you are treating them. From the moment you realize that you have caused some pain to them, do not hesitate to seek an online therapy session. Talk to a professional who is willing to listen to all your concerns. Allow the therapist to provide you with some guidance on how to avoid becoming emotionally vulnerable.

When it comes to dealing with an online therapist, always remember that the number of sessions needed depends on the seriousness of the issues. There is no hard and fast rule on how to go about it.

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