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Teenage Pregnancy And Psychiatry

January 3, 2020 • Kelly Montgomery

One of the worst things that you may encounter in this life is to find out that your teenage daughter is pregnant. Once you discover about this, your heart will inevitably break. This is only normal, especially when you want nothing else but the best for your child. However, focusing on the problem will only make the recovery process more difficult on your part. As such, the right thing to do is to accept the situation and deal with it, as any mature individual would do. 


Check the list below for the steps on how to deal with teenage pregnancy: 


  1. Keep Your Cool

 “Many people react to situations based on their emotions, not looking at the facts or taking ownership of their actions and reactions. This usually isn’t the best way to deal with things,” writes Ilene Strauss Cohen Ph.D.

Instead of bickering on the mistakes of your daughter, why don’t you relax first? What happened to your teenager is probably the last thing that you want in this world. However, there is nothing that you could do to change the situation. Learn how to keep your cool so that you can start thinking clearly about the next steps to follow. The more you let anger consume you, the more you become lost in translation.  


  1. Listen To Your Daughter


Right at this moment, you may think that grounding your teen is a good idea. You probably think that it is better to keep her away from the society. The truth is that doing it will only make the situation worse. Your teenage daughter will surely resent you. At the same time, it can also contribute to her depression as well as anxiety. If you want the best for her, then give her a chance to explain what happened. Listen to what your teen has to say and figure out the solution together. “Listening is uncritical: The speaker feels accepted at the moment,” writes Carl E Pickhardt Ph.D.


  1. Get Professional Help


Teenage pregnancy is a big deal. Some individuals may end up being clinically depressed once they find out that they are carrying a baby in their wombs at an early stage. If your daughter is one of them, then you must find the right psychiatrist for her. Look for someone who could provide the professional help and assistance that your teenager needs. When you do this, your daughter will start to get a better understanding of the situation as well as the consequences of her action. 


  1. Give Forgiveness


If there is one thing that you need to give out freely to your child, it is forgiveness. Giving this away may be difficult, most importantly if you are having difficulty in accepting what took place. However, the longer you deprive her of forgiveness, the longer you are punishing yourself. Both of you do not deserve to suffer from what happened. Do not let the negative emotions take the happiness in your lives. Now is the time to let go of the past and move forward to better tomorrows. As an alternative, try to start planning for the future of your teen and grandchild. “We can’t control our teenager’s sexuality. Nor should we. We can, though, help them to reflect on their choices and make decisions that are good for them,” writes Michael Ungar Ph.D.

No one wants to find out that her teenage daughter is pregnant, especially if the latter does not have a boyfriend or future husband. But once it happens, you have no choice but to take the high road and deal with it. Be the smart one when it comes to handling the situation with your teen. 


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