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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

We urge you to read over and understand the Terms and Conditions, as well as the User Agreement before using any of the services, content, and features provided on this website. This User Agreement lists down all pertinent legal terms and conditions at your disposal for using this Website and its succeeding Services.

User Agreement Acceptance

  1. By signing up, creating an account, or availing the services provided for in this website in any way including, but may exceed this, to browsing and browsing the page, you agree and accept this User Agreement and currently existing and active policies, rules and procedures currently in effect on this very site; each hereafter referenced and may be updated occasionally without prior notice.
  2. Certain and select services are privy to succeeding terms and conditions as enumerated by us, the owners occasionally; your usage of these aforementioned services is subject to those terms of use that have been incorporated into this primary User Agreement document by reference and association.
  3. This User Agreement that appears on this website applies to all customers and consumers of all Services offered by the company and the website; including with no exceptions, users who are contributors of information, content and other services and materials registered.

Eligibility Clause

If you are below the age of consent under the laws in effect in whichever country you’re taking residence in, then your legal guardian/parents must read and accept the terms and conditions indicated herein in this User Agreement under your name as your legal representative.

In order to avail and be eligible for the services presented herein within this website and all of its affiliates, you must reach the age of 13. If you are under this specific age, you should have, no exceptions, have not availed of the content and various services under this website as this is not meant for you.

User License

Fully subjected to this User Agreement, we grant each and every user the exclusive rights to avail, and use the services and its benefits provided in the website. All content, labels, and products however are subject to specific copyright laws. You are prohibited from reselling or rebranding products and services offered from this site as your own. You agree to the responsible use of the products and services provided herein.

Availability Of Content

The company reserves the right to, but does not have any outright obligation to remove, modify, manipulate or edit content at our sole discretion, at any given moment, regardless of notifying you. Not all content will be made available on the website at any given time; we reserve the right to modify the services and amenities offered by the company without prior notice. The company reserves the full, unbidden right to remove or block content and services on our website based on our own lawful discretion.