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Benefits Of Social Media In Preventing Teenage Pregnancy

November 22, 2017 • Kelly Montgomery




Social media has provided enormous help to people. Back then, we get information from the newspapers, encyclopedia, or the TV, which sometimes were limited. We need to get more, but it’s all we had. Since the birth of the internet, knowledge about almost everything had been available for everyone who has access to the internet.

But social media has its pros and cons, and it is for sure one of those that have extreme advantages and disadvantages. It provides awareness about important matters like prevention and treatment of certain medical conditions, but at the same time, it exposes irrelevant insights about sensitive issues such as sex.

Sex can be perplexed when not explained thoroughly, and with all the information on social media, parents cannot always be with their children to point out which are appropriate and which are not. Some studies show that ever since the birth of social media, teenage pregnancy has declined.




Benefits Of Social Media In Preventing Teenage Pregnancy

Provides Awareness

Social media is an exceptional tool to gather information about almost everything. When teens browse their newsfeeds, there are good ads and good reads about the consequences of their actions, like engaging in premarital sex. It exposes them to what might happen when people at a very young age get pregnant. It helps them decide what they want. One might have probably said, “I wish I can have that, too,” or maybe, “I am never going to be like that!” According to Lara Jakobsons, PhD, teens now use social media for education, “It is beneficial for parents to understand what social media is being used for by their teen and how. Being educated in how they use it will help parents understand the risks involved.”


Educates The Youth

It educates not just the youth but all the people about the diseases acquired through unprotected sex. It gives precautions to avoid anything that can harm our overall wellness. We learn about prevention and treatment of every medical condition that only doctors would know back then. “As a healthcare provider, I frequently find it helpful if patients have done some additional reading about their specific medical concerns and find the internet can frequently be helpful tool,” Dr. Michelle Matthews, MD said.


Opens Opportunities

Social media is a tool to showcase talents and skills. It provides space to boost a person’s self-esteem when he is too shy to do it in the outside world. It gives the youth the opportunity to make new friends, see places, learn new things, and other matters that will indulge their interests and imagination.


Serves As Diversion

It makes the youth busy with all the exciting things they can do on social media. Now, they can chat with their friends real-time through the internet. They don’t need to sneak out to meet and end up doing crazy stuff just because they want to make their time out worthwhile. “Social media sites allow teens to accomplish online many of the tasks that are important to them offline: staying connected with friends and family, making new friends, sharing pictures, and exchanging ideas.”, Gwenn Schurgin O’Keeffe and co-author, wrote.


Provides Options

It shows the vastness of this world and what the younger generation can achieve through learning about the lives of successful people. The positive things they see on social media inspire them to be the best that they can be. It gives them hope that their life is more than just the place they are now. It decreases the cases of teenage pregnancy because it provides the youth with a glimpse of the other choices they can make with their lives.




Everything has advantages and disadvantages. Some may say social media is not suitable for the teens, but at the end of the day, it is up to the person using it if he’s going to put it to good use or not, and as parents, it is your responsibility to make sure that your child understands that.



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