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Things You Wish You Did When You Were 15

November 8, 2018 • Kelly Montgomery



If you could be 15 once again, what would you do differently? Undoubtedly, there is no one alive on this planet who could say they got it all figured out when they were a teen. It’s just bittersweet to look back to the time when mistakes are fun. We didn’t care because we know it’s a part of adolescence. We are supposed to do stupid things and laugh about them. However, some of these deeds may have serious consequences that could affect our life ahead – adulthood.


Since you can never be 15 again, what are the things you wish you knew back then? For sure, there’s a thing or more that made you say to yourself, “I should have known!” Somehow, knowing all the things you know now is like going two decades back with a winning lottery combination. If only life was that simple or might we say kinder?


3 Things You Wish You Did When You Were 15:




Never Miss A Class

School may be uninteresting when you were a teen. However, it is the time when you are free to learn about the things that may or may not be a necessity in the future, the things that might interest you or not. Skipping a day in school makes you miss out on something that might be the day when you find out “who you are.” An ordinary day could make you realize what you want to be instead of being just the average employee. Learning the stars could make you dream of being an astronaut and be actually be one someday.

Be Nice And Make Friends

The bond that you make when you are in high school is unique in many ways. It is the time when you were the most vulnerable, and it’s like knowing everybody’s weaknesses. You cannot be friends with everyone, but you can be nice at least. Don’t judge your seatmate for the way he bites his nails because he probably wouldn’t a decade from now. Who knows? He might be your boss! It is a great feeling to walk past someone, and he recognizes you as the kind kid in high school.

Eat What Mom Cooked

Eat as much as you want! You will never look like any of the supermodels you see on TV because you are at the age when you haven’t fully developed physically, emotionally, and mentally, and it’s okay. No one is judgemental about your weight because everybody is judging everything they see anyway. The only judgment that matters is yours, so dig into all the great meals that mom serves on the table because it is the time when you would not have to be mindful of the calories in a plate. Someday, you wouldn’t be able to eat most of the food you can when you were 15.




Most of us, adults, had a moment when we say to ourselves, “I wish I knew. Maybe, my life could have been better, happier.” However, time is something we can never take back once gone. That part of our lives is already behind us. It may have influenced how we live now, but it is not too late for us. Instead of thinking about what you could have done differently back then, why not think of the things you could do differently today when it matters?

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