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The Unseen Emotional And Mental Health Problems In Teens

October 7, 2020 • Kelly Montgomery

In today’s generation, we now understand that the emotional and mental health is one of the most significant contributing factors to teenagers’ development. It is where teens learn to value their surroundings, other people, as well as themselves. However, due to the fast-paced advancement, our youth seems to get too attached more to life stressors. It is as if they know what they are dealing with every day, but they can’t process the needs of balance and stability. Thus, almost all teens suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression in silence. Unfortunately, not everyone can notice the emotional and mental issues. So let’s talk about what bugs them.


They Are Never Wrong Anymore

Technological advancement, mainly social media, has a lot to do with teenagers’ indecisive capabilities. We all can agree that it is a tool that allows everyone to speak their minds for what it is worth. However, its impact on teenagers is a little bit out of control. Teens are now using social media platforms to voice out their opinions and prove themselves even if they do not have to. The internet becomes their number one ally that allows them to navigate reasoning for their chosen impolite words and behaviors. Their unstoppable access to the internet makes them think they are invincible. By some means, these teens managed to create a world they believe that convinces them they are never wrong with anything anymore.


Rules Do Not Apply Somehow

It would a biased statement if we say that teenage rules do not apply nowadays. Perhaps, there are still some teens out there that value restrictions and traditions. These teens may be from a family of well-mannered individuals that taught them the fundamentals of life and social interaction. But sadly, these kids are the minority now. The majority of teenagers are currently audacious, dynamic, and outrageous. Which can make the rules disappear. The youths are now more focused on what other people say rather than what their inner-self is telling them. There is this dogma that once you are unpopular, you are a “nobody.” That is because teens nowadays crave too much approval, likes, and compliments, which is entirely unnecessary for a happy life.


It Is Hard For Them To Listen

The problem with the general teenage population in today’s era is that everyone wants to be heard, but none of them is willing to listen. Honestly, it impacts many teenagers’ overall development because there is an imbalance of emotional and psychological needs right in the middle. Teens are now open about expression and public opinions. That is great, actually. But once you hand out a totally different view of their beliefs, these children retaliate. They somehow look at the contradicting response as a grip that is attempting to hold them tightly. And they do not like that. The youths of this generation are now self-righteous, corrective, sensitive, and unpredictably unbelievable. They think that the world revolves around them now because they are the “youths.”


They Believe They Are Strong Enough

With all the stress in life that everyone is facing, teens become more overly confident about everything around them. Well, at some point, it could be a great thing because it allows positivity, and it encourages a solid motivation to move forward. But the problem with that over-confidence is the impact of a failed result. Most teens nowadays believe they are strong enough to handle everything and no longer need anyone’s help. They somehow managed to create a barrier that limits other people from reaching out to them, even if they desperately need assistance. It causes an emotional and mental problem because, at a different side of the story, these children use their self-made barriers to blame people, saying that others do not find the initiative to help them.


Mental Health Is Neither A Big Deal Nor Not An Issue

The problem with teenagers of today is that they see mental health issues as a big deal for them, while others just do not care at all. The separate opinions lie with certain elements such as upbringing, environment, social connection, community involvement, and family dynamics. For those kids who think that mental health is a significant factor in life, they are those who are sensitive and self-aware. These particular youths are knowledgeable about the cause and effect of mental and emotional trouble. However, not because there are teens who do not take mental health seriously, that does not mean they do not understand it. Some of them are just preoccupied with thinking about anything related to life stressors, while some understand the need to encourage themselves to avoid getting involved with mental illness.

It is not always that people understand what every teen is going through. They might seem to look strong on the outside, but most of them are crying in the inside. That is why it is essentially necessary to seek professional advice.

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