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What It Is Like To Date A Drug Addict

January 24, 2020 • Kelly Montgomery

Nowadays, there are already many changes in the dating world. The truth is that a lot of things have changed over the past few years. Because of these, it becomes more complicated for many people to get to know one another or to bring the relationship to the next level. One of the issues that usually come up in the dating cycle is realizing that you had a wrong first impression of the other person. A great example of this is meeting someone you like who, unfortunately, is a drug addict.


The next question to ask is: Should you continue the dating process or is it time to stop? Answering this is not an easy thing to do, especially if you have fallen in love with the other person. If you are feeling confused about this matter, be sure to remember these:


Expect Him To Influence You.

No matter what you do, it becomes inevitable that you will end up doing bad things with the person you are dating. There is a high possibility that he will invite you to do drugs with him. This is not a good thing because your judgment about him will be clouded. The reason behind this is the love or affection that you feel towards him. The more you have feelings for the other person, the more he could influence you to be on the wrong side.



He Is Emotionally Unavailable Or Unstable.

Are you looking for a serious relationship? Do you want to have a more intimate connection with someone? If yes, then it is time to reconsider your choice to date a person with substance abuse. A drug addict has a low level of emotional stability. Expect him to be out of his mind most of the time. All he would think about is finding the resources so that he could acquire narcotics or other prohibited substances.



You Cannot Trust Him.

There are many negative sides to dating a person who is into drugs. One of the characteristics that he has is being a liar. As such, it will be difficult on your part to trust him. This is why it is highly recommended to avoid this person while you are still in the early stage of dating. Take note that trust issues can mess you up. Remember that a drug addict will keep on lying to get what he wants even if it means hurting you.

It could be hard to accept the reality that you have fallen for someone who is not good for you. Nonetheless, there is nothing left for you to do but to let go of that person. The only exception is when he is willing to change his old bad habits to make you happy. Keep in mind that you must never settle for anything less just because you are single. Always remind yourself of your worth. There is someone out there who is perfect for you. Be patient and keep on improving yourself until you meet the right one.

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