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Teenage Pregnancy: Keeping The Baby

January 31, 2020 • Kelly Montgomery

The issue of teenage pregnancy is something that people need to be serious of. Unfortunately, there are still many areas all over the world wherein sex education is not provided to the teenagers. Some countries are still conservation, which is why the topics about sex are considered taboo in an educational institution. The effect of this is that many young individuals fail to take into consideration the consequences when they engage in unprotected sex.



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What It Is Like To Date A Drug Addict

January 24, 2020 • Kelly Montgomery

Nowadays, there are already many changes in the dating world. The truth is that a lot of things have changed over the past few years. Because of these, it becomes more complicated for many people to get to know one another or to bring the relationship to the next level. One of the issues that usually come up in the dating cycle is realizing that you had a wrong first impression of the other person. A great example of this is meeting someone you like who, unfortunately, is a drug addict.


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Tips On Helping A Spouse Deal With Alcoholism

January 17, 2020 • Kelly Montgomery

Are you aware that many people consider addiction as a regular occurrence in their lives? These individuals believe that being addicted to something is only typical. Because of this, they fail to see the adverse effects that addiction brings.


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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Addiction

January 10, 2020 • Kelly Montgomery

CBT is one of many treatments you can look into when addressing addiction. Let’s learn more about the treatment here in this article.


Addiction And Therapy: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Understanding The Relationship Between Addiction And Therapy 

The availability of drugs, narcotics, cigarettes, and alcohol all over the world has made it easier for many individuals to suffer from substance addiction. When a person becomes dependent on certain substances or items, it becomes difficult on his part to quit vices. However, this does not indicate that it is not possible at all. With proper guidance and assistance from counselors, individuals may recover through Addiction Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

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Teenage Pregnancy And Psychiatry

January 3, 2020 • Kelly Montgomery

One of the worst things that you may encounter in this life is to find out that your teenage daughter is pregnant. Once you discover about this, your heart will inevitably break. This is only normal, especially when you want nothing else but the best for your child. However, focusing on the problem will only make the recovery process more difficult on your part. As such, the right thing to do is to accept the situation and deal with it, as any mature individual would do. 


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Help A Partner Get Over Substance Abuse

December 27, 2019 • Kelly Montgomery

Many kinds of challenges may come in every marriage. Some of these obstacles are just small, which is why they can be resolved almost instantaneously. On the other hand, some issues are too significant in that they require immediate attention as well as the constant effort from both spouses. One of these serious issues in a marriage is finding out that your spouse has been doing too much. Of course, you want to help him get over this negative situation in life. The question now is: How can you make it happen? 


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Strengthen The Youth Through Music And Arts

December 20, 2019 • Kelly Montgomery




Adolescence is the second infanthood. During these years, people are like a sponge absorbing everything they observe and experience, and as parents, we must make sure our children only learn the positive things around them. With all negativity seen and felt around including school and social media, we need to pay close attention to all their activities, making sure they are healthy ones.

The minds of adolescents are fragile during these years. They are trying to figure out their interests, skills, and identity. Music and arts are among the few healthy hobbies that our children can do. “There is a growing body of research that supports how music nurtures children’s success at school and in life. A study in the journal Social Science Quarterly, Adolescents Involved with Music Do Better in School, found that music also had positive effects on reading and math,” wrote Marilyn Price-Mitchell, PhD.

Encourage them to engage in school activities involving music and arts.


School Activities They Can Join:


  • Choir

Schools have a choir that sings during special occasions and gatherings. It is composed of students who are skilled in singing. They get to compete with other schools and showcase their talent.


  • Music Club

Clubs are available for students who are interested in developing new interests or skills. They don’t have to be excellent. It is a club for all the students who have the same interest, and it’s a perfect tool to develop their social skills at the same time.


  • Musical Instrument Classes

Whether your child is excellent or just wants to learn to play music using guitar, drums, violin, etc., support him by providing him with an instrument of his choice. Encourage him to join a musical instrument class so that he can develop his skills.

Masha Godkin, PsyD, LMFT, said, “Music activates both the left and right brain at the same time, and the activation of both hemispheres can maximize learning and improve memory.”


  • School DJ

If your child just likes music but doesn’t show any interest in singing or playing an instrument, he can audition for the school DJ where he’d be able to play the music of famous singers and musicians for his schoolmates.



  • Drawing

Some children are skilled that they never stopped learning to create beautiful drawing ever since they held a pencil when they were three. If your child has a talent for making masterpieces using pen, ink, charcoal, crayons, and colored pencils, encourage him to join clubs that showcase and develop his talent.


  • Painting

Painting is an art of expressing one’s interpretation of his feelings or the situation of the world in general. It uses different colors of paints and paintbrushes. Encourage your child to join a club that teaches different techniques in creating masterpieces.


  • Handicrafts

Handicrafts is an art of making useful things through the use of ideas and creativity. Fans, hats, accessories, slippers, shirts, and bags are a few examples of stuff that can be handmade. It takes a keen eye to create something magnificent. It is a perfect art for children aspiring to be fashion or interior designers.


  • School Paper

The school paper is an excellent tool for students who are skilled in writing or journaling.  The art of creative and effective communication is rare, and if you see your child possessing this skill, encourage him to join the school paper. It could be a stepping stone towards his success in media and communications.


  • School Decorations

School events and gatherings are not complete without the decorations. A team of creative students brainstorms to come up with an impressive theme that will direct the flow of the event. The level of thinking and decision making of the students are tested to make the school decorations powerful enough to make a statement to their fellow students.




The talents and skills of the youth should be developed and nourished at a young age. Being able to master their craft is a healthy way to express themselves and build self-esteem. “Art enhances self-knowledge and self-expression. When we’re creating art, we are making decisions about what we like,” wrote Katie Willard Virant MSW, JD, LCSW. “Not only are we tuning in to ourselves when we create art, but we also are expressing ourselves by making an external representation of our internal world.”

At this stage of their lives, they often have problems with their identity, and music and arts are instruments in helping the youth avoid or overcome adolescent behavioral issues such as alcohol and substance abuse, bullying, school dropout, teenage pregnancy, truancy, and violence.

Raising My Daughter And Her Daughter

December 13, 2019 • Kelly Montgomery


It’s hard raising a child, let alone having no one but yourself. I am a single parent of my beautiful 16-year-old Andy. Her dad left us right before she was born, so it’s only the two of us ever since. I had her when I was 16, and now, she is going to be a mom herself. Andy is seven months pregnant, and the doctor said it’s a girl. I know we should be celebrating life, but there’s a part of me that breaks every time I think about what she will go through.

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Why Do Students Who Work Are Most Likely To Succeed In Life?

December 6, 2019 • Kelly Montgomery


Some teens are not born with a silver spoon in their mouth. They have to make a living at an early age to sustain their needs, to go to school, or help their parents with family expenses. Some have many younger siblings that they need to support that’s why they are forced to work while studying.

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Understanding Teen Violence

November 29, 2019 • Kelly Montgomery

The violence we are experiencing in the world right now came from our once fragile teens, and the number of juvenile crimes is rising. Most of these crimes are ranging from homicide, robbery, rape, fighting, and shooting. But why is this prevalent? How can a child as young as ten years old do something horrible!

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